Commissioning digital prints or buying them online is an affordable way to decorate walls and empty spaces.

Decorating with digital prints and illustrations, is a great way to express your personality and is less expensive than buying an original artwork from a gallery. Digital designs are more versatile as they can be resized. Art is meant to be an expression of personality, so always choose something that you love.

3/3 I recreated illustrations from some of my favourite Roald Dahl children’s stories using letters from the Times New Roman font. This is from Matilda. #illustration #timesnewroman #roalddahl #quentinblake #type #typography #matilda

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Ellen Heydenrych is a young designer whose art portrays youth and the power of feminism in a whimsical way.

Looking for artists

Start by searching illustrators and designers on Tumblr, Behance or Instagram. Review several artists first before settling on one. Each artist has a particular style, and portrays different opinions and ideas in their own way. Find one that resonates with you.

Some of the local artists we’re loving at the moment are David Tshabalala (who has also just released a series of Men’s T-shirts with Mr Price), Ellen Heydenrych, Rofhiwa Kholoma Mudau and Phathu Nembilwi.

David Tshabalala is an artist whose work comments on current politics and entertainment.

Displaying the artwork

Here are some tips from Chapters Interiors:

  • Make sure the centre of the artwork is approximately at eye-level. Obviously eye level varies from person to person, so first place the work from about 160cm from the floor. If your family is taller than average then raise it a bit.
  • If you’re hanging a picture above a piece of furniture, as a general rule, the picture should be a maximum if 75% (or two thirds) of the width of the item.
  • Hang pictures approximately 15 – 30cm above the piece of furniture to establish a relationship between them.

#Woman #illustartion #kholomo Print avaliable @thesneakies

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Rofhiwa Kholomo Mdau creates eclectic portraits that portray their subjects as change-makers of their time.

Summer feeling #summer #selflove #sunflower #art #illustration #design #digitalart

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Phathu Nembili’s work is a quirky display of narratives. There’s a lot of personality in her work which depicts a world of fashion and elements of modern living.