5 Ways to personalise your rental

Joseph Avnon, of Joseph Avnon Interiors, shares his tips on how to put your personal stamp on a rented home without making structural changes

1. Display art and collectables

If you are worried about knocking holes in walls, lean a couple of framed photos and prints against the wall. When you want a fresh look, reshuffle them.

2. Invest in a headboard

This is the best way to make a bedroom look finished.


3. Change the mood with lamps

You can’t always change your light fittings in a rented home but you can change the mood with a statement lamp. Lighting is key to creating a space that feels cozy and inviting.

4. Add a rug

Add a bold rug to completely transform a dull room.


5. Bring in greenery

Breathe some life into your home with potted plants.