“I wanted Charlotte’s nursery to be soft and feminine but not too babyish,” says Durban interior decorator Lisa Walters. “I love the colour of pink satin ballet shoes, so I used it as a starting point.”

The furniture was carefully placed to ensure that the room is practical and not just pretty. “I love having the cot in the centre of the room, anchored by the antique chandelier, from Eclectic Antiques and Collectibles,” says Lisa. “I allocated areas for all the needs of a nursery – a changing station, storage, an area for me to sleep and feed Charlotte – all within easy access of the cot.” The custom-made armoire provides plenty of storage space and a chest of drawers doubles up as a changing station. Wall-mounted shelves and cupboards provide a place for everyday essentials as well as displaying trinkets and keepsakes. “I included special items to make this room calm, peaceful and full of love,” says Lisa.

The daybed is from Cottonwood Trading Company, the gold side table from Cécile and Boyd’s, the bassinet from The Blind Society, the cushion fabrics from Mavromac and St Leger & Viney and the changing mat is from Lou Harvey.