5 bedroom trends

What’s hot in bedroom design? We went under the covers to find out



Bedroom with living area

“Influenced by boutique hotels, many homeowners are now incorporating a living area into their bedrooms,” says Gillian Goodwin of eightynine Interior Design. Positioned at the entrance to this master suite, this relaxation zone features a modular sofa, designed by eightynine Interior Design and manufactured by Muralto, which makes the most of the available space without obstructing the passageway to the bed. The rug is from Hertex Fabrics and the side table from LIM.


Open plan bathroom

Incorporating an open-plan bathroom is a sure-fire way to make a compact bedroom feel more spacious. Also, there’s no wall to obstruct the flow of natural light from the bedroom into the bathroom or to block a lovely outlook. “This bedroom has a magnificent ocean view and I thought that the ultimate luxury would be to lie in the bath and admire it,” explains Odette Uys of Eye Candy Interiors. The throw is from Weylandts, the woven side table and yellow ceramics are from Eye Candy Interiors.


Colourful bedroom

“Bold wallpapers remain a popular choice for creating a feature wall, while those in more subtle designs and colours are now being used on all four walls,” says Claire Kearney of Wallpaper Inn. Here, Grant Horak of Horak Venter Design used a custom-designed botanical wallpaper to create a dramatic focal point behind the bed. The side table is from Weylandts, the horn lamp from Cécile & Boyd’s and the scatters are in a GP & J Baker fabric from St Leger & Viney.


Dressing room

As they’re on most women’s wish lists, it’s no surprise that there’s a current trend towards including a dedicated dressing area into the master suite. To work one into your bedroom, you could create a faux wall behind your bedhead, which could be full height or go partway up to the ceiling leaving a gap to allow natural light to filter through into dressing area beyond. The back of this wall can be lined with cupboards and could include a built-in dressing table. If space is tight, follow Gillian Goodwin of eightynine Interior Design’s lead and opt for mirrored sliding cupboard doors. The chair is from Kartell.


Bedroom in gray

A glamorous look is hugely popular and in this bedroom, designed by Gillian Goodwin of eightynine Interior Design, it’s enhanced by the inclusion of a crystal chandelier, textured wallpaper from Hertex Fabrics and a mix of luxurious accessories, such as the plush rug. The wallpaper and rug are from Hertex Fabrics; the scatters are in fabrics from Hertex Fabrics and St Leger & Viney.