Halloween season is here and we are doing things a little different in 2023. With a big focus on going sustainable in almost everything, celebrate this Halloween with a twist. While the classics like skeletons, bats, and pumpkins always make an appearance, this year brings a fresh twist to Halloween decorating. Whether you prefer an elegant and sophisticated look or something a bit more whimsical, here are the top 5 Halloween decor trends for 2023 that will set your home aglow with Halloween spirit.

Explore 5 2023 Halloween decor trends to decorate your home for this Halloween:

1. Natural Accents

This year, let nature be your muse when it comes to Halloween decor. Instead of opting for cheap plastic decorations, embrace natural materials like wood, dried branches, foliage, and dried flowers. Imagine a stunning centerpiece adorned with a carefully curated selection of gourds in various shapes and sizes, nestled among pine leaves, pinecones, and chestnuts. This approach not only adds sophistication but also an eco-friendly touch to your Halloween ambiance.

fall decorated table space pampas grass center

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

2. Less Spooky, More Curated Style

Halloween decor is taking a turn towards subtlety and sophistication. Decorations are no longer about being big and bold; they are about complementing your home’s aesthetic. Think soft felt garlands, decorative pumpkin cushions in neutral tones like beige, cream, and nutmeg, along with pillar candles, white and gray ceramic pumpkins, and tasteful autumn wreaths. This way, your Halloween decor seamlessly blends with your existing decor, allowing it to stay in place throughout November and December without feeling out of place.

3. Halloween Wreaths

Wreaths have long been a staple in holiday decor, and Halloween is no exception. Pinterest searches for ‘Halloween wreaths’ have surged by 1100% in the past three months. You can go the traditional spooky route with spiders, cobwebs, and skulls, or choose a more elegant approach by incorporating vibrant fall foliage, pine cones, dried autumn leaves, and bittersweet branches. A well-crafted wreath can set the tone for your entire Halloween decor theme.

Halloween Wreath Skeleton Wreath Front Door Wreath - Etsy Canada

Source: Etsy

4. Whimsigoth Aesthetic

The “whimsigoth” trend is making waves this Halloween season, fusing the dark and mysterious elements of the gothic style with whimsical and eclectic features. It’s an aesthetic that combines moody darkness with playful whimsy. Think vintage patterns, apothecary decor, and a touch of nature. Whimsigoth is the perfect way to infuse a unique and captivating atmosphere into your Halloween decorating scheme.

5. Spooky Yet Sustainable Tablescapes

For those who want to make their Halloween table setting stand out in an eco-friendly way, consider opting for sustainability. Create a beautiful tablescape with a neutral tablecloth and set the spooky scene with dark tapered candles in cast-iron candlesticks. Complete the look with pumpkin-shaped bowls and creepy skull glassware for drinks. This sustainable approach ensures your Halloween tablescape is not only eerie but also environmentally responsible.

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