We’re finally here – Halloween 2022, the spookiest night of the year! Don’t feel like trick-or-treating but scratching your head about how you can make the most of the day. We’ve put together a few fun things you can do this Halloween that isn’t trick-or-treating.

Host a murder mystery evening

Fun Halloween ideas that aren't trick-or-treating

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Figure out whodunnit and get in the spooky spirit by organising a murder mystery evening.

Throw a costume party

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Dressing up is one of the most fun parts of Halloween! Host a great Halloween-themed party with a costume contest, spooky finger foods, and more.

Bake some Halloween treats

There are loads of recipes for Halloween-themed cookies or cakes that will spook up your kitchen. Give our dark chocolate-glazed black cat doughnuts a go.

Mix up a Halloween cocktail

For those who are a little old for trick-or-treating, enjoying a themed cocktail is a fun way to enjoy the holiday. We loved these ideas.

Fun Halloween ideas that aren't trick-or-treating

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Read a thriller or horror novel

Hoping to spend the night on your own? Curl up with a great horror book or psychological thriller that makes you want to sleep with the lights on!

Have a themed movie marathon

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With so many scary movies to choose from, it might be helpful to stick to a theme. Whether it be ghost movies, slasher flicks, or movies about vampires or witches, there’s sure to be enough material to make for a great marathon.

Make an apple pie

Here’s our recipe for Classic apple pie:

Make something pumpkin spice flavoured

Pumpkin spice has become the flavour of fall (or autumn, as we know it). Try your hand at these recipes:

Spiced pumpkin bread pudding

Homemade pumpkin spice latte

Fun Halloween ideas that aren't trick-or-treating

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Have a wine and Halloween treats pairing

Tell your friends to pick a wine and a Halloween sweet to pair with it, and get together for a very sophisticated (kind of) tasting evening.

Eat a pumpkin-themed meal

Even though pumpkin is generally in season around autumn and winter, it is still synonymous with Halloween. Enjoy the holiday by cooking up something using this delicious ingredient.

How about this Roast pumpkin with rosemary crumble

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