The winter holiday is the second-longest break from school, just before the summer holidays. While a lengthy halt in the middle of the academic year is great, it can also cause some issues, as children tend to become bored due to the long break. However, great news, parents, we’ve got you covered!

Winter break ideas for the kids

Here are some activities you can do during the winter holiday while school is out.

Give them a scavenger hunt

Give the kids the first hint so they may move on to the next. Have a prize or a treat, like a coupon for an ice cream sundae that they can redeem that evening, at the end of the hunt.

Have a family movie night

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Go and watch movies at the cinema, or have a movie night in the comfort of your own home with homemade popcorn that could never go wrong!

Challenge one another to a board game

You could entertain your kids with some of your favourites from your own childhood, that you could share with them. You could also play games such as 30 Seconds, snakes and ladders, or even scrabble.

Go on field trips

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You can take your little ones to go ice skating, and if they are in the mood for some games, you could find a Wonderland near you. You could also explore some museums where your little one can learn about historical artefacts.

Play cards

No game ever came close to a good old card game! Playing with cards is not only fun for adults, but for kids as well, and it can be played in many ways. For example, start out with Crazy Eights or Concentration for younger kids and let the older ones play Rummy or Poker.

Bake together

winter break ideas - baking together

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During the winter holidays, so many people love to indulge in sweet things such as cookies, cake, cupcakes, brownies, etc., and what better way to indulge in these sweets than by simply making homemade pastries with the help of your little ones? That way, it helps you bond with your kids while keeping them entertained.

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Written by Johana Mukandila for Bona Magazine

Featured image: Unsplash