From humble beginnings as a furniture store in Namibia in 1964, Weylandts has since grown to become a cornerstone of the South African design and décor industry. Today, the family-run business has 12 stores around the country. It is celebrated for its range of furniture and decorative items that are unparalleled in craftsmanship, using only the finest in sourced materials from around the country and the world.

After decades in the business, Weylandts decided to deepen its legacy and bring to life its interior design and concept division, Weylandtstudio. The studio focuses on creating bespoke interior solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects and encompasses single-room solutions to large-scale developments. At the helm of Weylandtstudio is Director Anna Weylandt. Over the last several years, she has helped grow the studio from just an idea to being one of the country’s frontrunners in interior design projects.

“In many ways, it was a no-brainer to have a design studio attached to our brand,” says Anna, who is also the Lead Buyer for Weylandts. “We have all these beautiful products, so why not offer a service that can package all the things that we sell in a beautifully curated way according to client-specific briefs?” Weylandtstudio, Anna explains, saw its first iterations around six years ago but only became the fully fledged design studio it is today in 2020.

“When we discovered the best way of approaching it – the magic recipe, so to say,” she explains, “that’s when it really took off. And today, it’s not only an additional sales channel for Weylandts but has evolved into a full-format interior design studio. So we do everything, from selecting key pieces for a space to full turnkey projects, be renovations, consulting on architectural designs, or developing entire buildings.”

This magic recipe, she says, lives in the team that brings the projects at Weylandtstudio to life. “We are an all-women team, between the ages of 22 and 35, from very different backgrounds. So there’s this really dynamic and positive spirit in the team, and they bring such a modern point of view to the legacy already built by Weylandts.” And for Anna, that makes all the difference. “I think our clients can really sense that,” she says, “and it’s what excites them, knowing that there’s this balance between timelessness with a clear eye on the future.”

Speaking of the future, Anna is excited for the road ahead, sharing that the studio has some exciting projects lined up – all of which have fingers on the pulse of the latest design movements locally and globally. “There’s this large movement towards nature,” she says, “with an emphasis on showcasing natural materials in all their beauty.” In many ways, she explains, it’s about creating spaces that feel like they offer some level of retreat. “So everything from the way light enters a room to the lines and materials of furniture speak to a softer way of living, and that’s something we’re embracing.”

For Anna and her team, the season ahead, and indeed the years to come, will keep this point of view top of mind while simultaneously interpreting it in a way that has longevity. “More than trends,” she explains, “we look at how people are changing socially. From their day-to-day lives to how they are consuming more consciously – all of this informs us as a team as we continue taking on projects, whether small moments in the home or an entire residential or commercial building.”

To discover more of the work that Anna and her team at Weylandtstudio are doing, visit their website here, and follow their highlights on social media here.

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