Table Mountain is one of South Africa’s most iconic landmarks. It’s the first thing you see on arrival in Cape Town and the last thing you see when you bid the city farewell. It is also South Africa’s most photographed attraction and forms part of the ‘New7Wonders, voted for by 500 million people globally in 2012.

South Africans, particularly Capetonians, have always cherished Table Mountain, recognising its unique beauty and allure. Now, we have even more reason to be proud of this national marvel, as it ranks as the fifth most popular natural wonder of the world, surpassing Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro.

A study conducted by UK travel site Titan Travel has shed light on the global acclaim that Table Mountain holds. The study gathered data from various sources, including Instagram, TikTok, Google search volumes and Tripadvisor reviews, to determine the world’s most beloved natural wonders and positioned Table Mountain as one of the top contenders with an impressive overall ‘wonder score’ of 7.67 out of 10.

table mountain

Image credit: Unsplash

What’s more, the mountain garnered a remarkable 81.83% of ‘excellent’ reviews, further reinforcing its status as a crowd-favourite destination.

In contrast, it received a minuscule 0.26% of ‘terrible’ reviews, a testament to its universal appeal.

The data delved deeper into Table Mountain’s popularity, revealing its widespread influence across social media platforms and search engines. With 1.4 million Google searches, 44.5 million TikTok views and 1.3 million Instagram posts, Table Mountain has undeniably captivated the digital world.


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