In honour of Women’s Month, She Is Forestry SA has unveiled a compelling video series designed to ignite passion and inspire young girls to explore the world of forestry and its diverse career prospects. Launched during their annual Women in Forestry webinar on 3 August, the initiative aims to showcase the array of opportunities within forestry, from nurturing trees in nurseries to managing plantations and contributing to environmental preservation.

She Is Forestry SA, a non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting women in the forest and forest product sector, is spearheading this campaign to promote education and careers in forestry. The video series, which follows the personal journeys of women who have excelled in various forestry roles, is a testament to the sector’s potential to empower and provide a green, sustainable path to personal growth and professional success.

Celebrating female forestry

The videos capture the essence of female achievement in forestry by highlighting the experiences of women who have defied stereotypes and forged successful careers. The subjects of the videos detail their roles, share the challenges they’ve overcome, and offer insights into how determination and perseverance have propelled them forward. By showcasing relatable role models, the videos provide a powerful tool for motivating young girls to consider forestry as a viable and exciting career option.

Jane Molony, Executive Director of the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA), underscores the importance of initiatives like these in shaping the talent pipeline of the industry. She emphasises that forestry, often perceived as a male-dominated field, is, in fact, ripe with opportunities for women in various capacities, including research, management, entrepreneurship, and more.


To address the issue of high dropout rates among female students in schools, the organisation responded with a forward-thinking approach. Rather than hosting isolated career days, the video series was developed to serve as a widely accessible and enduring resource. By sharing the videos on She Is Forestry SA’s YouTube channel, the organisation ensures that individuals, schools, and groups nationwide can access these inspirational stories.

Expanding forestry value chain

While the initial videos focus on traditional forestry roles such as foresters, nursery managers, forestry researchers, and contractors, She Is Forestry SA has ambitious plans to expand the series. They aim to cover a broader spectrum of forestry careers, including environmental auditing, wood science, and more. Moreover, the organisation envisions this initiative as a trailblazing effort that could inspire similar projects across various sectors, promoting STEM subjects to women and girls through relatable role models.

As She Is Forestry SA continues to celebrate and uplift women in the forestry industry, their video series stands as a beacon of encouragement for the next generation of female leaders, demonstrating that with determination and resilience, the world of forestry can be a rewarding and empowering journey.



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