Protea plants, with their striking and unique blooms, have been captivating garden enthusiasts and interior decorators alike. Native to South Africa and part of the Proteaceae family, these flowers offer an array of varieties that can add a touch of exotic elegance to your garden or home. As we continue to celebrate this plant of the month, explore the different varieties of these exquisite plants. 

King Protea (Protea cynaroides)

King protea


Known as the king of all Proteas, the King Protea is a majestic bloom with a large, show-stopping head that resembles a crown. Its distinctive appearance and impressive size make it a popular choice for bouquets and floral arrangements. With its dusty pink to deep crimson petals, the King Protea is a symbol of strength and uniqueness.

Pink Ice Protea (Protea neriifolia)

Pink Ice Protea


The Pink Ice Protea, also known as the oleander-leaf protea, features delicate, pale pink petals with dark pink edges. This dainty yet exotic flower is perfect for adding a touch of softness and grace to your garden or home. Its slender leaves and subtle hues make it a versatile choice for various floral designs.

Sugarbush Protea (Protea repens)

Sugarbush protea


With its vibrant, multicoloured blossoms, the Sugarbush Protea adds a burst of colour to any landscape. Its flowers come in shades of red, pink, and cream, often tinged with green. This hardy variety is well-suited to dry climates and is a favourite among gardeners looking to create a bold and vivacious garden.

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Banksia Protea (Banksia spp.)

Banksia Protea


While not technically a true Protea, Banksia plants are closely related and share the family’s unique characteristics. These Australian natives feature cylindrical flower spikes with intricate, bottlebrush-like blooms in various shades of yellow, orange, and red. Banksia Proteas bring a touch of the Outback to your garden or home, and they’re ideal for attracting native birds.

Giant Protea (Protea grandiceps)

Giant Protea


As the name suggests, the Giant Protea boasts an oversized flower head that can reach up to 12 inches in diameter. Its creamy-white to pale pink petals are complemented by a prominent cone-shaped centre, creating a visually striking appearance. This variety is an excellent choice for creating a focal point in your garden.


From the regal King Protea to the delicate Pink Ice Protea, these flowers bring a touch of South African charm and elegance wherever they bloom. Whether you’re aiming to make a bold statement in your garden or add a touch of exotic beauty to your interior spaces, Protea plants are sure to deliver a stunning and unforgettable display of nature’s artistry.



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Feature image: Unsplash