Room makeover wish list

Junior stylist, Monica Mtshemla, shares her room makeover items wish list


I’m a procrastinator, it’s unfortunate but I am. I’ve been putting off remaking a room at home, fondly known as ‘The Tree House’, into a home office/studio type of space.

I’ve had grand plans to paint, buy, extract and erect many things to make it feel more like my own space. After two years I’ve decided that this is the year.

Have you ever realised how we wait for spring to ‘spring’ into action to get things started? Some people put off going to the gym only to join in spring, while others, like myself, put off refreshing a room until the weather inspires them. I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little procrastination, as long as you eventually get started, right? I want to change my ways this year and have decided to hit the refresh button in time for spring (my second most favourite season).

I’ve tried a few things to help me eradicate this procrastinator illness in me and I’ve found that having a visual checklist and wish list helps me know what has been done and what needs to be done. So, I figured, why not apply it to this two-year project of mine?

This is my home office/studio wish list:

1. Buzz turquoise pendant 19512, R229,95 (excl. globe), The Lighting Warehouse.
2. Cable wheel spool ( find)
3. Crochet throw 502413844, R699, Woolworths.
4. Emerald green paint swatch (edited find).
5. Guava pink paint swatch (edited find).
6. Whoopsie table lamp R-KLT-210070YE, K. Light Import.
7. Industrial metal file cabinet ( find).
8. Yellow paint swatch ( find).
9. Matte white paint swatch ( find).
10. Vintage, colourful industrial metal filing cabinet ( find).
11. Tweedle weave pouffe, R179,99, Mr Price Home.
12. Dip-dyed stools ( find).
13. Ojo de Dios cushion cover with piping, R250, Hadeda.
14. Geometric square pouffe, R499,95, Mr Price Home.

The wish list doesn’t end yet, there are a million and one ideas I want to implement in my space, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. They say you can’t improve on a blank canvas so this is my first stroke of greatness towards creating a masterpiece; the next will be purchasing the items above and before I know it, I’ll have the home studio office my creative mind needs.

Keep an eye out for progress updates and I’ll post a few ‘how to’s’ should I upcycle any old items.

Over and out,