To sum it up, Eternal, Plascon’s 2024 winter palette is soft and soothing.

Colour has a way of making us feel a certain way, which is why colour psychology exists. Colour psychology is the study and research of how colour can impact our emotions and moods. Certain colours are also seasonal and it is the reason why we wear bright colours like white, pink and orange during Spring and Summer and darker hues of grey, brown and black during Autumn and Winter.

plascon eternal palette

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Winter is a time of slowing down. In the animal world, bears go into hibernation and we, as humans are encouraged to do so too, or as much as our lives allow. There is a reason why the days are shorter and the nights are longer in Winter. Nature is hinting at the fact that we should spend more time resting.

To respond to this transition, Plascon has revealed its 2024 Winter colour palette, Eternal.

Eternal is a soothing, slightly subdued winter palette that is comprised of an array of dusky hues and romantic tones.

Relax and unwind with the hazy duo of Grey Archo (P1-E1-3) and Fragrant Flower (B7-D1-4) for your bedrooms, combined with the striking beauty of deep Terra Nova (R6-D1-2) for your hallways. Grey Archo (P1-E1-3) introduces a touch of elegance to the warm neutral Ravine (62) for your intimate spaces.

The delicate pair of ethereal purples, Cloud Number Nine (B6-A2-3) and Smoke Bush (P4-E2-3) paired together with the gentle warmth of Wilted Leaf (31) and Stuffing (36), these colour combinations are designed for tranquil spaces such as nurseries, kitchens and relaxed living rooms for a serene escape.

plascon eternal palette

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For free advice on how to use Plascon’s 2024 Winter Palette or any other Plascon colours, contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: [email protected].



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