This vertical pallet planter can be leaned up against your patio wall, next to your shed, or even along your balcony railing. As the water will drip down from section to section, plant the highest water users in the bottom section and the lowest water users at the top as they will dry out quicker.


  • an old but solid pallet
  • old plastic tablecloth or foil
  • boards
  • screws
  • stapler
  • soil with compost


1. Strengthen and sand the pallet as required. Cut three boards as long as a pallet and screw on one side of the support bars and pallet boards.

2. Line the gaps with a few pockets made of old plastic tablecloth or foil. It is best to cut the foil in advance according to the dimensions of the pocket, fold and staple together so that it does not unfold. Then insert it into the individual gaps and secure with a stapler. Poke small holes in the bottom for drainage.

3. First fill the pockets with sand or small stones and then soil, depending on your chosen plants.

4. We made a vertical flower bed used for herbs and tomato bushes. It is also ideal for growing strawberries or lettuce.

Images: Robert Tichý/SUNRAY