While having a small space may come with its challenges, small garden spaces are usually much easier to maintain, and they can be cost-friendly too.

We have some ideas to help you maximise your small garden space.

1. Try vertical planting

If you have a small balcony but are thinking of starting a mini garden, think vertical planting. Vertical gardening is one of the most flexible gardening systems. This technique involves planting crops vertically using containers.

Vertical gardens take up less space, are easier to harvest, and are easier to maintain. When thinking of this technique, make sure the support system is strong enough to handle the weight of the crops.

vertical gardening

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2. Plant compact plants

When working with a small space, try planting plants that won’t overwhelm your space. Plants that are small and manageable are ideal. Think of evergreen shrubs, this will make sure your small garden stays green all year round. A few compact plants might take some time to grow.

3. Use pots to plant

Using plants in pots provides additional flexibility in smaller gardens. They come into their own in balcony gardens and create an impact in your garden. You can use the pot plants as the focal points of your garden. The bigger the pot plants are, the better their impact will be, and this will give your plants room to thrive.

4. Adding colours and textures

Depending on the space you have, different colours and textures can work in your garden. Playing with different textures can make your garden look larger and more interesting. Adding colourful plants is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add interest to your garden. A small garden with vibrant colours and textures gives the illusion of it being bigger than it initially is.

5. Growing scented plants

This helps add dimension to your garden. Most plants will produce the best fragrance in a warm, sheltered spot and small space. Since you have created a small garden, the fragrance will be all the more noticeable and easier to small.


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