Discovering diamonds

Monica Mtshemla, Junior Stylist, embarks on a journey from the City of Gold to discover diamonds in the Mother City

The month of May brings us Mother’s Day (11 May) as well as International Museum Day (18 May), and although the diamond is April’s birthstone, I think we can all agree that the real diamonds in our lives are celebrated in May.

Although I live in Jo’burg I’m no stranger to the Mother City; in fact, it’s somewhat of a second home to me. Cape Town is very dear to my heart because I love the sea, the cool ‘chilled’ exterior, the hearty interior, the art, the design, the landscape, the sunsets and yes, even the moody weather (I could go on for another blog post).

I thought it pretty safe to say that I’ve explored Cape Town, not to its fullest degree, but I believed I’ve seen and discovered a plethora of things to do. I was mistaken and realised this when the opportunity to visit the Cape Town Diamond Museum popped up, thanks to Positive Dialogue Communications.

The Cape Town Diamond Museum is situated on the first floor of The Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront and before this trip I never journeyed beyond the Nelson Mandela Gateway. Once inside the museum I was mentally transported from reality to a diamond luxe life. As well as being there to visit a ‘girl’s best friend’, I couldn’t help but marvel at the aesthetics of the museum – the look and feel moulded an impeccable frame to the stone men fear and women love.

I was never alone on my expedition; the ever so competent Du Quesne du Plessis took it upon herself to impart some knowledge about this beautiful stone. The tour went on for about an hour, and I was familiarised with different stones, learned about the founder of the first diamond – Erasmus Jacobs, viewed a video about the four C’s (and other interesting facts) and took a trip into a mock diamond cave (which had sound effects and everything).

Apart from gaining knowledge of diamonds and their rich history, I also learned that as South Africans, the practice of visiting museums and galleries is lost somewhere between great nights out and mind-numbing days at school or work. I had the time of my life making new discoveries at the Cape Town Diamond Museum, and although there’s no candy floss and sticky drinks waiting for you at the end of a museum tour, the wisdom you gain is reward enough and, like diamonds, will last forever.

This museum is a gift from Shimansky to the city of Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. Remember, Mother (City) says it’s rude to decline gifts *wink*.

Four C’s: Ciao, Cheers, Cheerio and Chat soon,