Take your dining room to first class with these sophisticated suggestions from Hotcocoa Interiors & Design.

Lighting - improving your dining room SA Garden and Home

1. Use artwork as a focal point

If there’s no fireplace or obvious fireplace, invest in a striking artwork to do the job instead. It’s a great first step when it comes to improving your dining room. The oversized black and white photographic print seen below almost fills the entire wall. As its colouring echoes the other shades used throughout the space, it creates just the right sense of drama, arresting the eye without being overbearing.

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2. Use mirrors to enlarge

Mirrors are the answer to making compact or dark areas look and feel larger and brighter than they are in real life. This oversized mirror (covering the right hand side wall) opens up the room to create a magical sense of infinite space. Note how it not only balances the artwork in terms of scale, but how both frames are also beautifully balanced, dark on light and vice versa.

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3. Use a rug as a base

Introducing a rug that’s a contrasting colour to the rest of your flooring is an easy way to draw attention to your dining table and chairs. The almost grey/gold art silk rug in the above image was laid over the travertine tiles to anchor the table and chairs in the middle of the room. Its plush pile also allows the chairs to be moved back and forth softly and easily.
Table - improving your dining room SA Garden and home

4. Highlight the table

Another way to ensure your dining table takes centre stage is to highlight it with a chandelier or pendant light. Hanging from the ceiling as if by magic, these black metal tubular light fittings from Foresight Design make a statement. They’ve been arranged in a pleasing cluster of seven and are hung at varying heights over the table.

5. Display complementary flowers

For a harmonious feel, ensure that your flower arrangements complement the styling of your revamped dining room. There are no blurred edges here; everything is sharply etched and neatly done.