6 Housekeeping resolutions for 2016

Make it your New Year’s resolution to revive your home. Here are six budget tips to help you achieve the best results

1. Be prepared

From brooms to brushes, sponges and buckets, stock up on all the cleaning tools you might need to make housekeeping easier and more convenient.

2. Go green
You have all the tools, now make sure you have the right cleaning products. Opt for an environmentally-friendly range like PNP Green (available at Pick n Pay). The products’ plant-based ingredients are safe for the whole family – even your pets. The PNP Green range includes kitchen cleaner, dishwashing liquid, oven cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, and an all-purpose cream cleaner.

3. Restore your tiles
Dirty grouting can give your kitchen or bathroom a worn-out look. Make time to scrub your grouting thoroughly at least once a year, using an all-purpose cream cleaner and a strong brush.

4. Add some scents
Candles add a decorative touch to any room and scented varieties will give the home a fragrant smell without using harsh chemicals. Stock up on them and place them in any room you want.

5. Keep outlets fresh
You spend a lot of time in the kitchen and bathroom, so make sure it smells fresh at all times by squirting a small amount of toilet cleaner into your drainpipes. *Don’t pour water down the pipes for a few minutes after adding the cleaner.

6. Open your oven
Your oven may look clean from the outside, but on closer inspection you may notice some grime in the nooks and crannies. Use an oven cleaner for the inside of the oven, and then wash the oven racks in the sink with the rest of your dishes, using dishwashing liquid.