One of the most obvious signs that the festive season in South Africa is approaching is the surge of large family gatherings. Usually, these get-togethers are accompanied by ample food and drinks.

This festive season, South African families can amplify the spirit of family, food, and sharing by using the new homeware range collaboration with chef and award-winning author, The Lazy Makoti, available on Woolworths shelves from the end of November.

Like other family gatherings, weddings are popular this time of the year, and we all know abo-mamazala always have a lot to say! With this range, their mouths will be full of di scones tse monate tota, with a little help from The Lazy Makoti Mixing Bowl and the innovative Cookie Gun for easy shaping. For those who really want to impress, serve your scrumptious scones like the Makoti with the most with the premium quality Tea Towel also available in The Lazy Makoti range.

Now that it’s summer, everyone will be lining up at gatherings for a tall glass of Gemere. Gemere, something you will never miss at a South African traditional gathering, is a homemade, non-alcoholic, and refreshingly tasty ginger beer. This family favourite, made with very particular portions of everyday ingredients, is now made easy with The Lazy Makoti’s Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups.

The Lazy Makoti’s famous red apron will also be conveniently available on Woolies shelves alongside the range of eight kitchenware items.

lazy makoti woolworths range

What began as cooking and household tips for a friend, a bride-to-be who was afraid of being labelled “The Lazy Makoti” (the lazy daughter-in-law) because she couldn’t cook, has evolved into a platform that preserves Southern Africa’s culture and heritage through simplifying dishes one could easily find at any South African gathering such as bogobe, chothlo, dikuku le gemere.

The homeware collection borrows from the love of traditional food that all South African’s share, while making it easy for aspiring Makoti’s to whip up something special for those extra mamazala points.

Drawing inspiration from the tradition of passing down beloved family recipes and heirlooms, Mogau Seshoene aka The Lazy Makoti became a trained chef and best-selling cookbook author.

“I am so grateful to share my love for traditional South African food and familyhood through this kitchenware collection. It embodies everything I love about being a chef, food content creator and cookbook author. It’s all about removing the fuss from preparing meals and making it an exciting experience that can be shared with friends and family,” says Mogau. “With this collection, I once again open up my heart to let my love for food flow to your kitchen. I hope all the ladies who will be transitioning to becoming umakoti this festive will also feel the love through the range.”

The kitchenware range consists of eight items and is available in-store and online this December. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • THE APRON, R399.00
  • MIXING BOWL, R399.00
  • TEA TOWEL 2PK, R169.00
  • COOKIE GUN, R599.00

The collaboration concept was born two years ago, just after Mogau launched The Lazy’ Makoti’s Guide To The Kitchen, which won her the World Gourmand Cookbook Award and is a range of eight kitchen essentials to take your culinary skill from basic to top-tier. Items from the range can also double up as the most gorgeous gifts for friends and family, whether they love being in the kitchen or not.

“As a brand, we are always looking for collaborations which are aligned to our values and the needs of our customers. A local kitchenware range by Mzansi’s favourite Lazy Makoti is the perfect fit,” says Belinda Gordon, Head of Woolworths Buying Homeware.

“Woolies is always looking for ways to inspire a love for good quality food and homeware. Now that it’s the festive season, this love can be spread further with perfect festive gifts for loved ones.”

So, keep your eyes peeled for The Lazy Makoti range this December!


The Lazy Makoti’s beetroot and fig salad