Three lucky readers will win a hamper from GLAD worth R500! Each hamper includes a selection of GLAD products, including baking paper, aluminium foil, refuse bags, cling wrap and zip seal, freezer and oven bags.

With Easter comes food, festivities, chocolate, family, fun and perhaps a break away from the city. Whatever your plans, it’s time to celebrate! With a few tips from GLAD, your Easter will be a little easier.

GLAD has you covered, whether it’s preparing food, packing for a picnic or saving leftovers. Make it even simpler with some of their new innovations:

  • GLAD Oven Bags, available in different sizes, maintain the goodness, juiciness and flavour of roast chicken, fish and fresh veggies without oil or mess. You can even use them in the microwave.
  • GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper with 20% better non-stick performance eliminates the need to grease trays beforehand.
  • GLAD’s Bake and Cooking Paper also enables you to cook more healthily by eliminating the need for oil, even when frying. As the paper can withstand temperatures of 230°C, simply line your frying pan with it and cook as usual. Your chicken wings will turn out deliciously brown and sticky – but not your pans – meaning less cleaning up too. It can also be used in microwave and convection ovens.
  • GLAD Handi-Covers are elasticised food covers that can be used to cover bowls, plates and platters as their tight elastic seal keeps food fresher for longer. They’re convenient, easy to use and can be used over and over again. Handi-Covers are ideal for family gatherings, picnics and when transporting plates of food to a dinner party or braai. You can also use them in the freezer and microwave when defrosting or reheating.

There are literally thousands of uses for GLAD products in the kitchen, around the house, outdoors and even while travelling, so stock up on them for a more convenient festive Easter.

All GLAD products are designed to prevent good food from going bad and are made for your convenience.
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