Is my head buzzing and spinning out of control right now? Yes. Am I going to keep drinking this coffee? Yes. Maybe it’s about time you decaf your mind.


Hailed for its performance enhancing ability, said to make consumers more alert and focused, coffee is one very popular beverage loved by many South Africans. So much love that many are willing to ignore that pounding in their chest after just a few sips. That feeling is like no other, it’s the thrill of the potential energy we’re about to put into the day. 

Coffee is by all accounts the nectar of the gods, however caffeine can prove detrimental to the mind. As much as it can help you focus, we do not need that mental alertness keeping you from enjoying a restful sleep. That is why there exists the option to choose decaf. Which appears to not be the fan favourite among avid coffee drinkers. 

Get your fix

That is why Nescafe have launched the Decaf Your Mind print campaign to sort of lobby its customers to consider the alternative. Our minds often get caught up in a jumble of broken thought processes, causing us feelings of anxiety and loss of quality sleep. 

According to the Nescafe brand, decaf can help ease the strain on your mind. The campaign is geared towards consumers who need to find a way to declutter their minds. Being that caffeine is addictive, it’s no wonder that we keep going back hit after hit even as our anxiety spikes when the lights are off. Decaffeinating your most loved beverage could be just the right fix for an unquiet mind. 


Nescafe Ricoffy has always been my household staple before Nescafe Classic and Gold. Once, and only once did we purchase decaf and I think it was by total accident. Regardless, there has always been an appreciation for those who consciously opted for decaf. It just seems like a much healthier option, especially if you love the taste of coffee but none of the adrenaline.

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