Tired of seeing the same old Poinsettia decorating your holiday Christmas table? This year, we’re swopping the classics with a few plants that are on trend, but still add a bit of the holiday spirit.


Instead of poinsettias, try anthuriums

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are an essential holiday plant. The red and green foliage lines nurseries and grocery stores throughout December, seemingly disappearing the moment the holidays are over. Rather than purchasing another one of these traditional holiday plants that feel out of place the moment this month is over, opt for a traditional plant that stuns year-round – anthuriums. Incredibly popular in the 70s, anthuriums have made an impressive comeback, shooting to the top of most popular houseplant lists. They allow you to emulate the classic holiday colours – red and green – without appearing cliched and overdone. You can also choose colours that match a non-traditional theme, with options like deep purple or a mix between pink and green for a touch of summer. And when the holidays are over, you’ll have an on-trend houseplant to use as more than basic table décor. 


Instead of hydrangeas, try peonies

Hydrangeas are also known as Christmas Roses in South Africa, thanks to their flowering times and popularity over the holiday season. While we would never suggest replacing our beloved garden hydrangeas with another plant, other cut flower options to decorate your holiday table are less predictable. The peony, another traditional flower that never seems to go out of style, has dominated Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards this year and would make an ideal cut flower replacement. The flowers match the delicate nature of the hydrangea with a touch of intricacy that makes for an interesting table display. The short flowering period comes to an end in early summer, making this the best way to enjoy the last of your peony blooms. 


Instead of amaryllis, try succulents.

Many South Africans have been gifted potted amaryllis around the holidays. These beloved bulbs do make a fantastic gift and sport stunning flowers reminiscent of the holiday season – especially the red ones. However, they can be a trickier plant to care for, particularly for recipients not well-versed in bulb care. When gifting plants to more inexperienced gardeners, opt for something a little more low maintenance, like succulents. With the right soil and lighting requirements, succulents largely take care of themselves and need very little attention. In fact, they thrive on neglect – the ideal minimum-responsibility holiday gift. If you’re after flowers, there are plenty of flowering succulent plants with interesting shapes and textures to choose from, or you could pot up a miniature succulent garden for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. 



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Feature image via Cathy Holewinski, Unsplash