Take a look at our 5 recipe books that are a must-read! Our cookbook corner cannot be complete without a look at some of these cookbooks.

Paul Hollywood Bake

With over 10 years of experience judging the top UK baking shows, Paul Hollywood has finally released his most delectable book yet. From pillowy soft bread to cakes and savoury bakes, Hollywood is intentional about sharing a recipe for everyone. Both amateur and pro bakers will find delight in his array of recipes, including his twist on the nostalgic – like a white chocolate bread and butter pudding. What we appreciate most about the book is that Hollywood combines his recipes with foolproof tips and some technical advice to ensure that your final result is perfect every time. 

RRSP: R700

 Paul Hollywood -5 recipe books that are a must read! 

Fiona Weir Walmsley From Scratch 

Australian cheesemaker and farmer Fiona Weir Walmsley decided to write this book as an ode to living a more conscious lifestyle. This easy-to-follow handbook caters to the increased desire to be more involved in the food we eat, knowing where our food comes from and appreciating what we have. With over 200 recipes to make your pantry staples such as kimchi, yoghurt, mustard and ice-cream, this book is all about spending valuable time in the kitchen where you will be awarded with making most of your staples yourself!

RRSP: R500

From scratch


Tom Oxford and Ollie Coysh Bake It. Slice It. Eat It. 

From knockout carrot cake, banana bread, crumble cake and cheesecake to an irresistible array of brownies everything in this cookbook is made in 1 simple brownie tray. If you’re after homemade cake, but without the need for fancy equipment.

RRSP: R355

5 recipes books you must read!

Lucy Burton Postal Bakes

Burton’s Postal Bakes is the must-have baking book of the year. With over 60 cakes, cookies and treats, this book is sure to make you lick your lips and rush off to the kitchen. As a cake seller, Burton was heavily impacted by lockdown and realised that she needed to pivot her business to suit the difficult times that we were in. She decided to come up with a menu of desserts and cakes that would post well, noting that “If people couldn’t go out to eat cake, I needed to get the cake to them.” While the sentiment behind the book is lovely, what I appreciate most about it is that every recipe is made in a 20 x 30 cm cake tin. The list of equipment is not fussy and entails items that most already own. Some of my favourite recipes include her tahini and milk cookies and her classic salted caramel brownies. This is one book that has found a permanent home in my cookbook collection. 

RRSP: R380

Postal bakes -must read cook books

Alice Hart The Magnificent Book of Vegetables  

With over 80 vegetarian recipes to choose from, Hart’s seasonal-style cookbook is an epic celebration of vegetables in all their shapes, colours and forms. Recipes are thoughtful, fun and allow each humble vegetable to shine brightly. Her focus is on showing readers how to eat well every day, adding veggies and whole grains into one’s diet in a way that excites, rather than bores. Her recipes and writing are reminiscent of Anna Jones which is probably why there is not a single recipe in this book that I am not willing to try. Favourites include her tomato, lemongrass and peanut noodles along with her summer lasagne that cleverly uses pesto made of kale and hazelnuts – yum! 

RRSP: R580


Magnificent book of vegetables


 Gary Deng (MD, PhD) The Wellness Principles 

With more than 20 years of experience as a doctor, and after feeling frustrated with how patients with chronic medical problems were being treated, Gary Deng decided to take it upon himself to help his patients in a more holistic way. And now, he shares his learning with the world, sharing not only healthy and delicious meals, but backing up his healthy eating principles with scientific research. Recipes rely heavily on seafood, wholegrains and fresh vegetables and feature fruits and nuts as desserts. What I appreciate is that he shares detailed information on eating a balanced diet, explaining how carbohydrates, proteins, electrolytes, water, fiber and fat affect the body. I thoroughly enjoyed making (and eating) his kiwi and honeydew sorbet, the lamb masala and his wholewheat pizza. If health and wellness is a priority, then this book is sure to bring you much joy.

RRSP: R860 

wellness principle Words by Fatima Saib


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