These ice cream Christmas trees are perfect for the warm festive season.

 Serves: Makes 6  |  Total Time: 30 mins + overnight, to freeze



  • 6 acetate/transparent sheets (find at your nearest stationery shop)
  • sticky tape


  • 2L store-bought vanilla ice cream softened
  • 3 mince pies, chopped
  • 100g almond flakes, toasted and chopped
  • 1 x 150g slab Peppermint Crisp chocolate, chopped
  • 1 x 150g slab of good-quality white chocolate, chopped into shards


  • spun sugar (optional)
  • star-shaped cookies (optional)
  • edible gold stars (optional)



Step 1

Prepare the cone moulds by bringing the top right corner of an acetate/transparent sheet down to the middle of the sheet. Keeping the corner in place with your finger, roll the sheet up to form a tight cone (make sure the tip is closed) and secure the roll with a small piece of sticky tape. Place the cone tip upside down in a Champagne flute/tumbler filled with rice. Repeat with the remaining acetate/ transparent sheets.

Step 2

For the ice cream, divide the vanilla ice cream among 3 bowls. Add the chopped mince pies and almond flakes to one of the bowls. Mix until well combined. Set aside.

Step 3

Add the chopped Peppermint Crisp to the second bowl and mix until combined. Set aside.

Step 4

Add the shards of white chocolate to the third bowl and mix well. Set aside.

Step 5

Divide the mixture of the first bowl between 2 of the cones. Use the back of a spoon to level the tops. Repeat with the remaining bowls of ice cream, dividing the contents of each bowl between 2 cones and levelling the tops as you go. Transfer the cones to the freezer and freeze them overnight.

Step 6

To serve, remove the tape and unwrap the acetate/transparent sheets from the ice cream cones. Invert the cones onto a large frozen cake stand or serving platter.

Step 7

Decorate with spun sugar, cookies and edible gold stars, if desired. Serve immediately.

Imka Webb is a freelance digital marketing expert and the digital editor of Food & Home Entertaining magazine.

Recipe, styling and photographs by Katelyn Allegra

Assisted by Casandra Upton