Pineapples are a classic summer fruit that instantly makes you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. As a favourite ingredient in fruit salads, I always purchase at least one during the holidays for those especially hot days. If you plan on doing the same, don’t throw that top away when you’re done with it – use it to grow a brand-new pineapple plant from scratch.

This is a great summer project for garden lovers, especially for kids who need something to keep them entertained away from school. It’s incredibly easy to do and doesn’t require any specialized tools, making it accessible for anyone, regular gardener or not.

Always choose a ripe pineapple with the greenest leaves possible in the store. This will give you the greatest chance of rooting when planting. Remove the top of the pineapple by grabbing the leaves and simply twisting it off in one piece. Pineapples are known for their prickly texture, so it’s best to wear gloves.

Next, peel the bottom few sets of leaves to expose some of the stems. Simply grab them with your fingers and peel them back – they should come off easily. Once you can comfortably grab the base of the stem, you’re ready for rooting.

Rooting in the soil is the lowest-effort option, as you won’t need to transplant the pineapple for a while. Simply plant the top in a mixture of equal parts sand and potting soil to root. But, if you want the excitement of watching the roots grow, root in water instead. Fill a glass and cover it with cling wrap, making a small hole in the centre. Place the top on the wrap, so the base is just touching the water. Ensure the water is always topped up and wait for roots to develop.

It will take several years for this top to produce any pineapple fruit, and it will only do so with the right care. However, in the meantime, it makes a great ornamental plant indoors or outdoors and is a satisfying long-term garden experiment.


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Feature image via Pexels