A rose is a rose, or is it? There is more to the colour of your favourite rose than you may realise.

In the Victorian era, many plants held meanings and messages that could not be spoken aloud between sender and receiver. How they were presented was also important. For example, if a plant was received tied with a ribbon and a bow to the left, the sentiment applied to the sender while tied to the right meant that it was referencing the receiver. 

Seem strange? Well, it’s not really. Today, we still associate daisies with innocence and roses with love. But have you ever given any thought to the significance of the colours of these classic blooms? 


Probably the most well-known colour significance is that of the red rose. Symbolising love, it is the most traditional flower for romantic declarations which is why it’s so popular on Valentine’s Day. But like many things, there is more to it than that. A deeper red is said to signify that you are ready for commitment, while a lighter red is a symbol of passion. 


If you’re looking for a way to show your gratitude, pink roses are the blossom that you need. Roses that are a darker shade of pink though are perfect to show someone that you appreciate them, while lighter pink roses convey a message of gentleness and joy.


Purity, innocence, grace and humility are all meanings that can be brought across with the use of white roses. A popular choice for weddings, they are also a symbol of young love, eternal loyalty and new beginnings.


It shouldn’t surprise you that yellow roses are associated with warmth and happiness. Seen as a friendship flower and a way of telling someone that they make you happy, it can also signify remembrance. Interestingly enough though, in the Victorian era, this particular flowers meaning is said to be one of jealousy. Thank goodness that’s changed!


Enthusiasm and admiration are the messages that these fiery blooms convey. Their bright colour oozes energy and happiness, making them a great motivational gift for someone or a simple pick-me-up for those in need of one. 


Softer shades of vibrant orange roses each have their own meaning too. While peach petals represent sincerity and gratitude, nearly pastel shades are considered to convey the message of modesty.


Enchantment, desire and love at first sight are the messages said to be spoken through the giving and receiving of lavender roses. 

Written by Megan Paulse

Featured image: Waldemar via Unsplash