Good luck charms come in different shapes and sizes – even in plants too! If you’re looking to bring some positivity energy into your space, adding a touch of greenery will do just the trick and we’ve got a list of 8 good luck plants to bring positivity into your home while still adorning your space with luscious greenery.

Houseplants are more than just trendy home decor. They’re living things that need sun, water, and lots of care to grow into the gorgeous, dreamy greenery we know and love. And while there’s no science to back up the claim that plants can bring good fortune, many cultures consider plants to be a symbol of life, balance, and positivity.

Get one of these 8 good luck plants to bring positivity into your home:

1. Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo plant


Lucky bamboo, a member of the Dracaena family, stands as a symbol of good luck in Feng-Shui. The number of stalks determines the type of fortune it brings—two stalks represent love, three for wealth and longevity, and so forth. Thriving in moist soil, these resilient plants are a delightful addition to your space, requiring filtered water and adequate light.

2. Money Tree

A tropical wetland tree known as the Money Tree is more than just a decorative element; it’s believed to bring prosperity. An ideal gift for new homeowners or those embarking on a new career, the Money Tree is also pet-friendly. To ensure its well-being, provide medium to bright indirect sunlight and water only when the soil is mostly dry, with proper drainage.

3. Jade Plant

Jade plant


Jade plants, with their coin-shaped leaves, are synonymous with friendship, money, and good fortune. These succulents are not only aesthetically pleasing but also low-maintenance. Thriving in sunlight, they require infrequent watering and can be grown indoors or outdoors in rock soil or sand.

4. Eucalyptus

For a stroke of good luck accompanied by a refreshing fragrance, consider the Eucalyptus plant. Known for its association with cleanliness, these plants are also believed to relieve cold symptoms and joint pain. Provide at least eight hours of sunlight and regular watering to ensure a flourishing Eucalyptus plant in your space.

5. Lucky Shamrock Plant

Although popular during St. Patrick’s Day, the Lucky Shamrock Plant can bring luck all year round. Dormant in the summer, it sprouts anew in autumn. Keep the soil moist during growth months, watering once or twice a month, and consider planting bulbs in early spring or autumn.

6. Potted Orchids

potted orchids


Potted orchids are known to bring prosperity to the entire family, making them a radiant addition to any living or working space. With bright, indirect sunlight and careful watering, these vibrant plants can thrive year-round. Avoid overwatering and ensure timely repotting to maintain their prosperity-enhancing qualities.

7. Boston Fern

While less commonly associated with luck, Boston ferns contribute to a welcoming atmosphere and are believed to cleanse the air, dispelling negative energy. Keep the soil damp, provide indirect sunlight, and add extra humidity during winter by lightly misting the soil and leaves once or twice a week.

8. Snake Plant

snake plant


Renowned for its air-purifying properties, the snake plant not only detoxifies the air but also promotes positive energy and prosperity. Thriving in bright, indirect sunlight and warmer temperatures, these plants prefer drier soil before watering to prevent root rot.


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Feature image: Pexels