Potted plant gardening, as many would call it, is an easy way to elevate any outdoor or indoor space. It is great for households with little space and container gardening is ideal to optimise your space. When starting a container garden, simply choose plants that you can maintain.

There are plenty of ways to bring potted plant ideas to life that will fit in with what you like and we’ve rounded up a variety of creative container garden ideas you can use.

Container Garden with Herbs

A herb garden is one of the easiest ways to grow your own indoor container garden. Whether you have a windowsill to work with or you’re building an elaborate raised bed garden, anyone can grow an indoor or outdoor herb garden. Herb gardens are beneficial as they provide the owner with freshly grown herbs such as basil or parsley etc. Place the small herb containers in a sunny spot near the kitchen window where it is best for growth.



Container Garden for Succulents

Succulents are ideal for container planting because they have shallow root systems that can thrive in smaller environments. This type of container gardening is ideal for busy people as it only needs to be watered maybe once a week. It is less time-consuming and can grow independently on its own, if supplied with the right nutrients. If you have a bigger container garden, having succulent plants in your container can be advantageous, because they are also pest-resistant.

Container garden for succulent plants

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Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an easy way to display plants without taking up space. Plants that do well in hanging baskets include ferns and senecios. They are also good alternatives for limited spaces and look good when placed on pedestals or outside plant stands.

Hanging baskets Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata Bostoniensis) growing in rattan pot. Beautiful fresh green Common sword fern in a wicker basket for home decoration, isolated on white background

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Raised Container Garden

Raised garden beds are great for moderating heat, as they warm up quicker and easier without overheating. This type of container garden can vary in height, depending on personal preference and the specific needs of the plants being grown. They provide better weed control compared to traditional in-ground gardening. Raised container gardens can be visually appealing, as they can be designed creatively with different materials, shapes, and arrangements, adding an enhanced overall aesthetic appeal.

Raised container garden

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