The gorgeous colour of jacarandas at this time of year is reminder of how stunning this colour looks in the garden. Looking to add similar flair to your garden? Here are three flowering purple plants that will add that colourful magic to your space.


A beautiful purple creeper, Petrea volubilis is ideal for training over arches, pergolas and fences, just make sure the support is strong enough to hold its weight. In spring and early summer it’s covered with sprays of gorgeous flowers. It does really well in the tropics but doesn’t like frost. If you live in a frosty area, plant it in a courtyard or where it will be protected. There’s also a lovely white version, so before you buy, check whether it’s the right one.

Petrea-volubilis - purple plants - SA Garden and Home


Although agapanthus comes in different shades of blue, Agapanthus praecox ‘Amethyst’ is almost the exact colour of jacarandas. Exceptionally hardy, agapanthus are indigenous, water wise and like a sunny position. They’ll also grow in dappled shade although they might not flower as well. Plant them in well-drained soil to which compost has been added. Feed with organic fertilisers in spring and autumn and keep them well mulched. When the clumps get overcrowded, divide them and replant.

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Petunia ‘Night Sky’

If you want something different in a slightly richer purple, then this is the plant for you. A trailing variety, it looks wonderful in pots, hanging baskets as well as in the garden. The splashes of white add freshness and ensure that it stands out. It loves full sun and blooms from spring right through summer. Plant in well-draining soil and don’t overwater it.

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Petunia Night Sky - purple plants - SA Garden and Home

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