The process of companion planting is for mutual benefit. Planting specific herbs near vegetable plants can promote their growth and health. Discover which herbs are compatible with other plants.

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Planting basil near tomatoes

Basil is known to improve the growth and flavour of tomatoes. The mint smell attracts beneficial insects that love mint while also helping to repel destructive pests. These two plants will work well for your garden, as they share the space well together and will not compete for the nutrients beneficial to their growth. Basils make an excellent companion to tomatoes.

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Parsley paired with asparagus

This biennial herb has bushy, dense, and aromatic leaves, which make it a good companion herb for most vegetable plants, especially asparagus. It helps repel asparagus beetles. When planted close to asparagus, it promotes growth. The strong aroma of parsley attracts beneficial insects to both plants.

Growing lavender and rosemary together

Lavender and rosemary offer amazing blooms and have the same growing conditions of full sun and well-drained soil. So, growing these plants together is ideal because you will not need to worry about two different growing methods. The two herbs have strong scents that can help deter pests, making them great additions to your vegetable garden.

Thyme paired with cabbage

Thyme is a good companion to cabbages. The thyme’s strong aroma is known to repel cabbage moths. When pairing it with cabbage, it is ideal to plant your thyme around the edges, with your cabbages in the centre. Like most herbs, thyme is endowed with a natural scent that helps deter pests that may be destructive to your cabbages.

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Planting carrots close to chives

Your carrots will grow better and improve in flavour if planted near chives. Carrots will pair well with companion herbs with a strong fragrance and complement them with space and timing.

Since chives have shallow roots, they do not compete with carrots underground. These two plants complement each other well.

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Growing herbs in your garden is beneficial, not only for you but also for your plants. If space is limited in your garden, plant your herbs close to a few veggies. This will benefit both plants.


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