Homemade pick-me-up balm

Treat yourself or someone you love to this lovely homemade gift. This easy-to-make pick-me-up balm, will definitely be appreciated and you’ll have fun making it.

This pick-me-up balm from Jane Griffith’s book, Jane’s Delicious Herbs (Sunbird Publishers), is fantastic as a calming ointment and makes the perfect homemade pamper treat. “Carry this balm with you and if you are feeling stressed, tired or irritable, rub a little around your ears and on your neck to calm you down,”explains Jane.



  • ½ cup mixed rose petals, the leaves and flowers of rose-scented pelargonium, lavender, California poppy, selfheal, borage and chamomile
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 25g beeswax, grated or chopped
  • 10 drops each rose-scented pelargonium, bergamot, lavender and rose essential oils


  1. Combine the herbs and vegetable oil in a double boiler or a bowl set over a pot of water and heat over a very low heat for 3 hours. (The temperature should not go over 100°C.) Strain the mixture into a bowl or jug and discard the herbs.
  2. Wipe the double boiler with paper towel and heat the beeswax until it’s just melted. Add the herb-infused oil and stir until it is well mixed.
  3. Remove from the heat, add the essential oils and stir often as it cools. Transfer to a sterilised storage jar.