Five great garden focal point ideas

Take your garden from dull to delightful by adding a few points of interest to catch the eye and invite further exploration

Font of inspiration

Focal point fountain

Bring elegance and height to your garden with a fountain. These make ideal focal points at the end of a series of archways, in the middle of a colourful flowerbed or at the end of a rolling lawn. As an added benefit, they’ll bring the peaceful sound of moving water to your garden. However it’s important that they are in proportion to their surroundings, so before buying one, place a pole of the same height in that position.

Natural high

Focal point obelisk

A metal obelisk placed in a large pot forms a framework for climbing plants, such as this climbing ‘Iceberg’ rose. Place two of these obelisks at the entrance to a pathway, on either end of a patio or, as here, beside two loungers to create a focal area at one end of a pool.

Contained excitement

Focal point urn

A large urn makes a wonderful centrepiece in this garden designed by Grant Fairley of Springtime Landscaping. Place the container on a plinth to make it more visible or to provide extra impact. In a modern garden, surround the urn with a neatly-clipped hedge and soften the effect with plantings of annuals or perennials.

On the bench

Focal point bench

Position a pretty bench in a spot that will lure the viewer closer and entice them to linger and relax. A bench works best at the end of a long vista, in a place that offers a view back over the entire garden or a large section of garden. Choose a style to suit your garden – this enchanting wooden bench is perfectly at home in this cottage-style garden.

Follow the sun

Focal point sun dial

A stone sundial is the perfect accent for an old-fashioned country garden or formal herb bed. Place it towards the back of a border to create vertical interest or in the centre of a circular or square herb garden. In this garden designed by Grant Fairley of Springtime Landscaping, it is placed along a path among soft pink roses.