Grow evergreen late-flowering agapanthus

There’s an agapanthus variety ideal for any spot in the garden, so it’s no wonder these low-maintenance beauties are as popular as they are.

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There’s a good reason why almost every garden in South Africa is home to agapanthus. These indigenous clump-forming perennials are hardy, water-wise and perfect for almost any garden situation. These three evergreen late-flowering agapanthus will keep your garden colourful for longer.

white evergreen late-flowering agapanthus -- agapanthus varieties 03

‘White Cloud’ has pendulous white flowers and reaches 120cm in height.

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evergreen late-flowering agapanthus -- agapanthus varieties 2

‘Haneke’ grows 100cm high, has broad leaves and attractive dark blue flowers.

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evergreen late-flowering agapanthus -- agapanthus varieties

‘Blue Flare’ has mid-blue flowers with a darker central stripe and grows to 80cm high.

These evergreen late-flowering agapanthus can grow in shady or sunny areas, containers and even difficult spots where nothing else seems to thrive.


Plant expert Johann Nieuwoudt from Simply Indigenous Nursery and The SA Bulb Company shares some advice:

  • Plant agapanthus in well-draining, rich, composted soil.
  • Agapanthus require a thorough watering at least once a week in summer, unless it rains a lot. They should be kept dry during winter dormancy, otherwise they’ll rot. Start reducing the amount of water you give them in autumn and only resume watering in spring once they start sprouting.
  • Feed them with organic or any general garden fertiliser at the beginning of spring or early summer.
  • As agapanthus are clump forming, they can become overcrowded and this may hamper their flowering. Divide them, using a garden fork, every three to four years in autumn after flowering.

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