7 Garden quick fixes

Improve your garden in a weekend, here are a few quick fixes to try. 


1. Tired of tracking mud into your house? Cover a muddy path with bark chips.

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Cover a muddy path with bark chips - garden quick fixes

2. Hang up a bird feeder. There are many different types available at garden centres. Decide which birds you’d like to attract and buy the appropriate food. You’ll get loads of enjoyment from their antics. And make sure there’s a source of water for them too.

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Bird feeder

3. Boundary walls can look hard and reflect heat. To soften them and cool down the surrounding area, attach a trellis and cover it with a creeper.

Soften boundary walls - garden quick fixes

4. Edging beds makes them look neater and keeps the grass out. Soften the effect by allowing plants to spill over the paving.

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Soften garden beds

5. Uncovered soil is an invitation to weeds and also loses moisture quickly. Cover bare patches with easy-to-grow groundcovers like lamb’s ears (pictured), lamium, and in shady areas, Plectranthus madagascariensis.

lamb’s ears

6. Place a comfortable, weatherproof bench in a spot where you can enjoy a lovely view of the garden and watch the birds in the birdbath.

Garden bench

7. Plant veggies in your flower beds. Choose textures that will enhance the flowers already growing there; parsley makes a lush edging while carrots give a feathery background. The overblown shapes of cabbages are particularly eye-catching.

Veggies - garden quick fixes 07

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