Creating a more sustainable home and garden is an easy and effective way to make a positive impact on the planet. Here are 10 easy tips to do in no time at all 

1. Install a solar geyser

With Eskom’s rebate programme it’s a great place to start and the 40% savings on your monthly bill makes it worthwhile.

2. Fit watersaving taps, showerheads and flushing mechanisms

This can dramatically reduce your water consumption.Sustainable_Bath

3. Harvest water from your roof

Store this in a rainwater tank. It can also be plumbed back into your house to flush toilets or fill a dishwasher.Sustainable_Rain

4. Capture grey water

Redirect waste water from baths, showers and the laundry and use it to water your garden.

5. Use energy efficient light bulbs

Replace incandescents with LEDs and CFLs which last longer and use seven times less energy.Sustainable_Light-bulb

6. Make your own compost

Use garden and kitchen waste to make nutrient rich compost to nourish your garden rather than chemical fertilisers. And it’s free.Sustainable_Compost

7. Choose energy-efficient appliances

Check the efficiency rating of any new appliances you purchase. Most manufacturers now offer low energy options.

8. Purchase furniture made from sustainable materials

Cork and bamboo are good alternatives to non-sustainable products.Sustainable_Bamboo

9. Recycle and reuse

Reduce the amount of waste in landfills by collecting glass, paper, plastic and metal in separate bins and sending them to be recycled. Here’s how to make a DIY drip irrigation system from plastic bottles. Sustainable_Recycle

10. Grow your own food

Growing veggies is easier than you think and you can produce most of your seasonal crops in a very small space. It’s also worth it to keep your own chickens, here’s all you need to know.


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