Make a DIY drip irrigation system and let your plants water themselves when you head off on a short-getaway by using two-litre plastic cold drink bottles. Landscaper Natalia Sinclair of Whirlwind Gardens explains how

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DIY drip irrigation system - SA Garden and Home - Step one

Make 4–5 small holes in the cap of a plastic bottle using a drill or nail and hammer; the more holes you make, the faster the water will pour out and vice versa. Make sure the holes aren’t too small as they’ll clog up with debris.


DIY drip irrigation system - SA Garden and Home - Step two

Use a sharp knife to cut off the bottom of the bottle; it should now look like a funnel.

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Dig a hole next to your plant and bury the bottle so half of it is above ground. The cap must be at the bottom with the funnel facing upwards, allowing you to pour water into it. When it rains, the bottle will also catch some rainwater.

TIP: If you have big containers or plants that need a lot of water, you may need to position several bottles around them.

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