Matching flowers and vases

Choosing the right vase for the shape of flower you’re using makes for a chic arrangement. Follow these guidelines to create a beautiful pairing

Tulip shaped

Tulip-shaped vases are brilliant for statuesque blooms with heavy heads, like proteas and sunflowers, as well as for mod foliage arrangements made up of a few large leaves.

Proteas in vase

Square vases

A low square vase is ideal for garden blooms which have shorter, more delicate stems than some of their store-bought counterparts and also need support for their sometimes weighty flower heads. The soft, romantic feel of home-grown roses, anemones, dahlias, sweet peas and poppies make a good contrast to the clean lines of this contemporary vase shape.

Roses in square vase

Cylindrical vases

Cylindrical vases, which are the same width at the top and bottom, are extremely versatile and work well for displaying tall bunches of almost any type or combination of flowers. Look for a classic cylinder with a straight up and down shape or opt for a design with gentle curves.

Cylindrical vase

Bud vases

Bud vases are designed to show off one perfect stem and as such impressive varieties like lilies or peonies often work best. Either pick a flower without much foliage, like a gerbera, or remove as many of the leaves as possible to allow the bloom itself to shine. Grouping a few bud vases together creates more impact and can make for a stylish, yet cost-effective centrepiece.

Lilies in bud vasesLilies in bud vases