What kind of plant parent are you? This is important to figure out before you start your collection inspired by Tiktok, or you can’t seem to keep your current plant family thriving. For the lazy plant parents out there, there are plants for you! Here are 3 popular low-maintenance houseplants:

Jade plant

Jade plants are beautiful and hardy. They like medium light, and always revive themselves as long as the roots are still preserved. Even if you neglect it more than you should, it will make a comeback. It doesn’t need to be pruned because it grows slowly. If it gets too wide or tall, simply cut the stems back as desired.

Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

Chinese Evergreen

These need to be watered when the soil is dry half-way through. This plant can adapt to low and medium light, but do not put it in direct sunlight. The only time you need to mist this plant is if it is especially hot or if you are heating your home in cold months.



Like the aglaonema, it likes to be watered when the soil is half-dry. You’ll know when it’s thirsty because the leaves droop, but don’t worry, they perk up quickly. It prefers to stay out of direct sun, and likes to be misted lightly a few times a week.

Kevin Lessy on Unsplash


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Feature image: Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash