Nothing beats the experience of sharing your harvest with friends and family. The fruits of your labour in the garden can bring joy to the hearts of those you love. So the next time you plan out your planting schedule, why not create a pick-your-own garden for the kids to enjoy.

The idea is inspired by the joy of experiencing a harvest. But, this is an experience you can share with friends and the kids will most definitely love. They get to feel what it’s like to forage for their own food. 

How to create a pick-your-own garden

Use raised beds

Creating a pick your own garden is as easy as sectioning off part of your garden. Make it easy to access by using raised beds so that your garden guests can avoid having to bend over too much. 

For the kids, use low beds so they easily reach their picks. For the adults, raised beds will help them get to their picks with ease, too. 

Clear pathways

Also, make sure to create clear pathways in and around your garden for your guests to maneuver and navigate the garden without too much effort.


Use labels on your plants and flowers so your pickers know what they are harvesting. The great thing about a pick-your-own garden is sharing the love of food with your loved ones.

Add lighting

Make use of solar lighting to illuminate your garden. This feature is great if you are hosting an evening picking session. Lighting will illuminate the pathways so that your guests and family can enjoy a safe evening of picking their own food. Your garden can offer a great get together during the day and through the evening.

Finally, enjoy

Pick-your-own garden

Image credit: Pexels

Once the picking is done, you can use what you’ve picked in the garden to make a delicious meal and share in a wholesome dinner together.

You can also send your guests home with their fresh picks. Thus, the garden to kitchen journey is complete. Invite your guests over to your pick-your-own garden once the dedicated sections are ready. 

For the next time your kids want to help in the garden, let them grow the foods they want to pick later on in harvest season. This is a great task for the kids to enjoy as much as the adult will, too. 

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Featured image: Pexels