Gardening is a great activity for kids as children naturally enjoy playing outside and getting dirty.

It can be a new bonding experience for parents and kids to enjoy together and there are a number of developmental and soft skills kids can learn from the process of planting and growing things in the garden.

Here are 7 soft skills kids can learn from gardening.

7 Soft skills kids can learn from gardening

Responsibility – kids are able to take responsibility for the growth and development of plants, by sticking to watering schedules and committing to taking care of them every day

Patience – growth takes time. With the instant gratification that technology and social media afford, patience is key in gardening.

Cause and effect – kids learn to understand the principle that because they took an action, the plant either thrives or dies.

Discover – kids are encouraged to ask questions and understand the laws of nature and changes in season, the different types of plants, etc.


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Sensory development – gardening stimulates all five senses – they feel the soil, the different textures of leaves and petals, they smell the flowers and the soil, if you have a veggie garden, they can taste the fruits of their labour, they see all the different colours, etc.

Motor skills development – gardening requires a lot of bending, kneeling and crouching. It also requires the use of arms and hands. Gardening can help the development of a kid’s motor skills.

Caring for the environment – if kids spend more time out in the garden, they will learn more about nature and the environment. They will learn to understand the importance of keeping the garden clean and keeping weeds at bay.

Mental health – many adults understand the importance that plants and nature have in obtaining a healthy mind. The same applies to kids. Gardening can be a healthy time out to process their emotions.

Keeping your children active in the garden is not only good for your garden, but it is great for your kids’ physical and mental well-being too.


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Feature image: Unsplash / Paige Cody