Happy – It’s what we all want. To create a home that feels happy for those who live in it, work in it, and visit it. Creating Happy Homes is the theme for this year’s East Coast Radio House + Garden Show, and exhibitors have their sights set on providing you with the tricks, tools and know-how to create your own bright and beautiful version of happiness.

We all know how the mood we create in our homes has become more significant than ever before. Around the world, the focus is on creating spaces and places within our homes, where we can retreat and rest, reflect and realign.

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Our home is our sanctuary, so what’s needed to make it the ultimate sanctuary? At the East Coast Radio House + Garden Show, we’ll take you on a voyage of discovery. You’ll find out how to make it your happy space, your cocoon, using colours, textures, technology, gadgets and furnishings to foster that mood and reflect your individuality.

Interior decorator and furniture designer, Mary-Ann Prinsloo of Barbet Interiors, is keenly aware of trends driving interior design and décor: “2024 is the year the world is taking a break. A step back. That alone is prompting us to reimagine spaces so we can retreat, rest, reflect and realign.”

We’re retreating…withdrawing towards our inner circles, our family and homes. No matter whether our homes are small or large, it’s where we feel safe and calm.

House & Garden Show


We’re resting, moving towards stillness and peace. We’re drawn to earthy colour palettes and a stronger connection between inside and out – nature is grounding and calming us.

We’re reflecting, looking at all those elements which make up the pattern of our lives. We’re leaning towards mindful craftsmanship, not mass production, we’re loving local, and we’re reducing our impact on the environment. We’re upcycling, uncluttering, and learning to live sustainably. We want homes which balance nostalgia with new.

And we’re realigning. We’re taking that renewed energy and directing it elsewhere. We want to make a better world for ourselves and our communities. We want to bring joy to our homes by being selective – a perfect single painting, a happy colour on an accent wall, one iconic light fitting.

House & Garden Show


Prinsloo reiterates, “We’re breathing deeply and retreating into our homes, reflecting on what makes life wonderful, then ensuring we make the changes we need. This process can be wonderfully supported by creative and fun décor and design.” You can see just what this looks like at the Barbet Interiors showcase at this year’s show.

Retreat. Rest. Reflect. Realign. Create a home which allows you to do all that. The East Coast Radio House + Garden Show 2024 is going to be chockfull of everything you need to make your home truly happy.

Everything comes together in one place from 29 June to 7 July at the legendary East Coast Radio Home + Garden Show at the Durban Exhibition Centre. It’s a true family affair, with something for all ages and stages.

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