Fresh flowers are favourite decor items throughout the year, but are given special attention in February. If you want to up your fresh flower game and spruce up your floral bouquet, follow these essential tips.

Trim the stems

After they are cut from the plant, stems begin to seal over at the site of the cut. That means that by the time they reach your hands, many of those essential transport systems have closed up. To improve water absorption for your blooms, trim the ends back slightly with a sharp pair of scissors or shears at a 45° angle.

Choose a matching vase

The kind of vase you choose can really make or break the display of your bouquet. Simple bouquets with only one or two different flower types benefit from a unique decorative vase to add a bit more visual interest, while complex bouquets are best highlighted by a simple glass vase. Trim the stems to the size of the vase so the overall feature is balanced.

Add a few special touches from the garden

Adding a couple of decorative leaves or a few fresh flowers to a basic bouquet can make a huge difference and makes your display completely unique to you. Take a look at your bouquet and look for areas that could be improved – perhaps it would benefit from a pop of colour, different textures or an interesting shape to change the overall look.

Keep them away from direct sun

Plants may enjoy sun out in the garden, but once their flowers have been trimmed, it’s vital to keep them away from the light if you want them to last. Direct sun will make flowers wilt much quicker than usual and will also affect their colour. A cool and dry area is recommended, preferably away from any areas with bright light. You can even keep them in the fridge overnight to prolong their lifespan.

Don’t forget to feed

Flower food is specially formulated to keep your fresh flowers looking good for as long as possible. If your bouquet comes with a pack of flower food, don’t forget to use it as you’ll be able to enjoy your blooms for far longer than if you used regular water. If your bouquet didn’t come with a pack of flower food, they are also available at nurseries.

Featured image: James Bold