So you’ve got this room in your house that perhaps isn’t quite functional enough to convert into a guest bedroom.

Maybe you’ve considered using this extra bit of space as a storage unit for all your home’s knick-knacks.

But isn’t it just a poor use of this lovely spare room with so much added potential?

Here are five top uses to consider for your spare room.


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If you’ve got little ones in the house, this spare room could potentially be their playhouse haven. A little corner for them to keep and play with all their toys.

This could be a fun project for the whole family to get into. Painting and fitting this room to be child-proof means it will have a cheerful energy for the kids to enjoy.

A designated play area also means you have fewer toys splayed all around the house, making life that much easier for you.

Walk-in closet

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Have you always wanted that dream walk-in closet but just didn’t know where to start? Perhaps this extra bit of space could function as the perfect walk-in closet.

Installing shelves and railings could be the ultimate step in achieving this fashion fabulous dream.

Not too far off from being a storage facility, you can always customise the space to reflect your fashion curiosity and personal style. The key is in installing good lighting to bring that final touch of chic. 

Secret library

bonus room ideas

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Attention all bookworms. The spare room in your house could mean the day away in your very own secret library.

Shelves and a little reading nook in there could provide for the great escape into a land of fantasy, fiction or true crime adventure.

Make this space functional with minimalist furniture that accommodates the size of the room to create a comfortable reading space.

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Home office

bonus room ideas

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Since the majority of us have had the experience of working from home, you may have noticed the importance of having a home office.

To increase productivity, and the feeling of being at the office, use this area for your own workspace.

Enjoy the privacy of a quiet working environment away from the bustle of the kitchen counter or dining room table.

Depending on the size of your bonus room, you could even include a mini lounge to relax on your tea break, or just to add that extra bit of sophistication to the space.

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Baby’s Nursery

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For new parents or those who are currently expecting, a nursery becomes essential in the home. Why not use this extra bit of space in your home to create a calming environment for parent-child bonding?

You will love the privacy and comfort of the space you’ve created for you and your baby to enjoy those quiet moments (or loud ones) any time of the day.

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