Tips on creating the perfect braai area

Make your next braai unforgettable with these clever ideas for your braai area.

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1. Plant herbs

Add interest by planting fragrant herbs next to the braai area. We especially love orange-scented thyme for its delicate, pale pinkish-white flowers in summer.

orange-scented-thyme -- braai area

2. Be practical

No matter how beautiful a braai area, it has to be practical as well. It’s always a good idea to include a work surface on either side of the braai. This will provide plenty of space to prep food and store utensils.

closed-braai -- braai area

3. Have braai tools and utensils at hand

Avoid running up and down by storing all your braai tools and utensils you need in one handy place, like this nifty braai trolley.

braai-buddy -- braai area

4. Find your style

Make sure your braai area is not separate from the rest of your home. It can easily become an extension of your living area, kitchen or patio if you decorate and style it properly.

braai-area -- braai area

Whether you’re updating an entire outdoor space, adding a few new touches to an existing patio or taking your braai area indoors, the possibilities are endless.

braai-room -- braai area

5. Buy the best

Make sure you invest in only the best braai products, from grills and utensils to spices and cookbooks, here are some of our must-haves.