A comfortable, spacious patio area was a priority when architectural designer Cara Slater-Middlewick designed her own home at Saxonwood Luxury Villas near Ballito, KZN

“There are several things which make this space really work. Firstly, I extended the roof and the decking further than necessary to protect the furniture from the elements. Secondly, I included a generous counter with built-in fridges that makes entertaining much easier. Plus the non-slip, tiled floors are durable and easy to maintain,” she says.

Extra-high glass sliding doors allow the interior to open up completely and Cara carried through the natural textures used indoors, such as wicker furniture, concrete countertops and timber cladding and screening. Large mirrors above the counter reflect the views while botanical accessories and potted plants keep the look fresh and tropical. “As the furniture is neutral and classic, I can change the look on a regular basis,” she adds.