Add cultural flair to your home with SHF

Furniture designer, Minenhle Ntuli’s creative journey is an expression of who he is, where he’s from and the stories which define his culture. Recognition of his flair on a well-known interior design competition was the break Minenhle needed to spread his wings.


  1. Lyric rug, R6,750
  2. Etch Trays, from R450; Medium, Large
  3. Soho Chair, R9 000
  4. Prism Chandelier, R5 000
  5. Hudson drinks cabinet, R22, 500
  6. Mystic Phantom Scatter cushions, from R400
  7. Etch Vases, from R450, Medium, Large
  8. Logan Sofa, R18 000
  9. Amethyst Wall Art, R2950
  10. Montauk coffee table, R10 000
  11. Stead standing lamp, R2750
  12. Bone accent tables, R9500