As the owner of By Word of Mouth, a leading events and catering company, Karen Short knows all about creating a sense of occasion.

When it came to decorating the Christmas trees in her home, she pulled out all the stops. Here’s how she created these glamorous but different looks.

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“When it comes to Christmas trees, bigger is better,” says Karen, who chose a 3,6m tree for her entrance hall. The position of it is important too – next to a window, a fireplace or in a stairwell.

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Start with a theme – Karen and her team chose pink and ice blue schemes. “This will take your tree from ordinary to designer,” says Karen, “and since the tree is the main feature of the home during the festive season, it needs to have major impact.”

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Karen’s tips for a stylish Christmas tree:

1. Buy a basket base cover such as this one from The Christmas Tree Specialist to hide the base of the tree and the unsightly cables powering the lights.

2. Choose a colour scheme or theme: blush pinks, ice blues, or traditional. Your tree needs an overall, cohesive look.

3. Incorporate a selection of decorations in different textures and sizes for a more interesting and detailed tree. We love to restring our baubles with beautiful ribbon instead of the standard cotton thread they usually come with.

4. Say no to tinsel!

5. And don’t forget the star or angel for the top.