With winter coming in full swing, why not prepare for it with some essential home maintenance tips? Here are a few tips to help you keep your home in top condition for the winter.

Clean your gutters

If your house has gutters for rain collecting, then this is for you. Winter in some parts of the country may be dry, which is the perfect time for you to clean your gutters before the summer rain.

Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of problems, including leaks, so your best option is to be prepared. However, if you are in the Western part of the country, it is best to get to clean your gutters as early as possible.

Senior man cleaning leafs out of gutter, for winter.

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Checking your roof for damage

To avoid leakages, check for damage on the roof. Look out for cracked or missing tiles, as well as gasps between your roofing tiles. If you spot any problems, get them fixed soon to avoid further damage to your home.

Climbing up on your roof also gives you time to check the surroundings of your roof to see what needs maintenance.

Service your heating system

Winter can be extremely cold, and it will be time to get your heaters out to keep your family warm. If you have a gas heater or any other type of heating system, it is time to get it serviced by a professional.

This will help to ensure that it’s running efficiently and safely and will help to prevent any unexpected breakdowns during cold days.

Pile on the blankets

Nothing says cosy quite like soft fleecy throws or cosy thick woolly blankets. Make sure that you add more blankets to your bed to keep you warm. Not only will this feel nice against your body, but the thick blankets will ensure that heat has less of a chance to escape and stay with you throughout the night. Keeping cosy is the way to go.

Beautiful woman with coffee cosy up to a wrapped in blanket on sofa at home.

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Get heavy curtains

Using heavy curtains can help keep your home warm by trapping heat inside. Heavy curtains work as an insulating layer preventing heat from escaping through your windows. Get curtains that match the aesthetics of your room.


Use these few tips to prepare your house properly. These tips you are making sure you and your family are safe; warm; and comfy during the upcoming chilly months.


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