Terrariums are miniature glass gardens that are pretty much like aquariums, but instead of fish, they are comprised of plants.

They are made by simply layering up some garden matter in a glass container. Making your own terrariums is a great way to introduce your kids to gardening before taking them out to the backyard and it is the perfect way to bond with your family.

Terrariums can function as a self-sustainable ecosystem and if you find plants that do well with high humidity and low light, they will thrive within a terrarium environment.

Here’s how you can make your own terrariums from scratch:

Step 1: Choose a vessel – find a glass container that could be used to house your terrarium. We are all about upcycling, so find some old used jars, think old beetroot or gherkin jars that you might have kept aside. Make sure your container is clear glass as coloured glass might keep out the much-needed sunlight.

Step 2: Create the first layer – using pebbles or gravel, line the bottom of your container. This will be useful for drainage.

Step 3: Create the second and third layers – using horticultural charcoal, create a thin second layer. The third layer can be thicker than the previous two and will be comprised of soil.

Step 4: Insert your plants and/or flowers – carefully nestle your selection of plants and flowers into the soil. Ensure that all their roots are covered by the soil and make sure that the leaves or petals aren’t touching the sides of the glass

Step 5: Add the final touches – add anything unique like rocks or even figurines from your kid’s collections.



How to make your own DIY succulent terrarium

Article originally written by Marian Volkwyn