Bring the sweet scent of lavender into your home with this easy D.I.Y lavender wreath.

What you need:

  • Fresh or dried lavender stems
  • Floral wire
  • A wreath frame (You can use a wire, straw, or malleable twigs)
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging
Lavender Wreath

Image: Credit – Thermaland Oaks

How to make a lavender wreath

Step 1: Cut the lavender stems from the plant so they are about 20cm long.

Step 2: Gather 3-4 stems and tie them together using floral wire. Repeat this process until you have enough bundles to cover your wreath frame.

Step 3: Take a lavender bundle and place it on the wreath frame. Secure it to the frame by wrapping the floral wire around the base of the bundle and the frame. Place the next bundle so that it slightly overlaps the first, and secure it in the same way. Continue this process until the entire frame is covered with lavender bundles.

Step 4: Cut the floral wire and secure the end to the frame. Add a ribbon or twine loop for hanging.

Step 5: Allow the wreath to dry for a few weeks before hanging it to extend its lifespan. Place it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to dry.

Step 6: Once the wreath is dry, hang it in your home to enjoy the lovely scent of lavender throughout your space.


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A version of this article was published in the Garden&Home December 2023 print magazine.

Feature image: Image credit/ Country Peony